Tutoring and Courses



Collaborative 20  or 40 Hour Packages in Reading

      • Comprehensive Reading Assessments and Report
      • Classroom Teacher Questionnaire
      • Collaborative Creation of Reading Support Plan (RSP)
      • Weekly Collaboration with Tutor and Parent
      • Collaboration with Classroom Teacher
      • Ongoing Monitoring of Reading Support Plan.

In addition to providing reading support, we also realize that navigating the school system, including interpreting test results and understanding how support is provided, can be an overwhelming task for parents. CES’s Education Consultants assist parents in making informed decisions regarding their child. CES Education Consultants collaborate with parents and school personnel, conduct additional evaluations to understand the child’s needs, and/or advocate for the child and parent by attending school meetings.

Budget 20 or 40 Hour Tutoring Packages in Reading

      • Tutor Created Lessons
      • Classroom Teacher Questionnaire

The Budget Package is designed for those who have a clear understanding of their child’s reading needs.  Assessments are not included in this package.  It is suggested that the parent provide reading assessments from school or another outside source for the tutor to use when creating lesson plans.

Assessment Only Package

      • Comprehensive Reading Assessments and Report

The Assessment Only Package is available for parents who wish to know more about their child’s reading strengths and weaknesses.  This package is offered with a full report provided with no tutoring obligation.

ACT Prep

We are now offering ACT Prep for English, Reading and Writing (new to ACT this year).  During their private lessons, your child will receive familiarity with the test format and time constraints.  They will take practice tests which will give them an actual ACT score and obtain feedback regarding answers.  Choose between 5-10 sessions.

Common Application Essay Writing Course

We will help your child compose a thoughtful college essay using proper grammar and writing mechanics based off the college application prompt.   This class meets for 5 sessions and is a private lesson.

Enrichment Courses

Creative Writing-This enrichment class offers journal, fiction, non-fiction and poetry writing practice.  Have your child build their writing skills in a fun relaxed atmosphere.  This class can be as a private lesson and is available to small groups of no more than 5 students.

High School Essay Writing Instruction-In this course the student analyzes the various elements of the novel which culminates in the creation of a final piece of writing.  These private lessons meets for 10 sessions.

Summer 55

We all know kids need to continue reading over the summer in order to maintain the skills they’ve acquired during the year.  We also know summer is a busy time, which is why we are offering our Summer 55 package tutoring package.  For the months of June, July and August we are offering hourly rates at $55.  You pick the number of tutoring hours you’d like to purchase and they are your to spread out over the summer.  Here’s what’s included:

  • Initial Consult
  • Parent Interview
  • Assessment