Jill’s desire to provide support to families of children who struggle academically motivated her to start Collaborative Education Solutions, Inc. Her involvement in education as a tutor, teacher, and parent has provided her with a wealth of experiences from multiple viewpoints. As a tutor who provided support to students outside of school, she quickly realized the importance of communication between parents, tutors, and schools. Parents were often encouraged to find a tutor for their children, yet they weren’t really sure in which areas their child struggled or how to locate a tutor whose training matched their child’s needs. This was sometimes due to a lack of clear communication and understanding. As a reading specialist working in the schools, she provided direct instructional support to at-risk students and was a member of the support team that created problem solving plans to meet their needs. Following the Response to Intervention (RTI) process, she provided specific interventions and monitored student response to those interventions to determine if they had made progress. Her conversations with parents and friends helped her realize that she could provide a much needed service by facilitating collaboration between all parties. Collaborative Educational Solutions, Inc. will work with parents, teachers, tutors, and schools to provide the best solutions for children who struggle.