Additional Services


A CES Education Consultant will meet with parents to discuss their concerns, review school records and private evaluations, and work with parents and school personnel to develop an appropriate support plan for their child in both home and school settings, including pairing their child with an appropriate tutor. Consultation may include the following:

• Review IEP or 504 paperwork to ensure goals/objectives and educational supports are appropriate
• Review School Problem Solving or other Response to Intervention (RTI) paperwork to ensure the child’s needs are addressed appropriately
• Review private evaluations and communicate with school personnel to ensure evaluation recommendations are considered by the school team
• Review disciplinary records and ensure that parents are informed and actively involved in developing an appropriate Behavior Intervention Plan for their child with social-emotional needs
• Review school evaluation data and explain what that data means in terms of their child’s learning and/or behavioral needs
• Communicate with school personnel directly through phone calls and e-mails to assist with coordinating school support and private tutoring
• Consult with parents to develop home support plans to address concerns relating to homework, ADHD, and/or social-emotional development


In some instances, additional evaluation data may be needed to better understand a child’s learning or behavioral needs. A CES Education Consultant can complete additional evaluations, review the results with parents, and collaborate with the school to facilitate the development of an appropriate support plan. Additional evaluations may include the following:

• Individually-administered cognitive (IQ) testing
• Individually-administered achievement testing
• Behavior Rating Scales
• Structure observations in the school setting


School meetings can be very intimidating for parents when they are not familiar with the process schools use to provide support to students. CES Education Consultants are available to attend meetings with parents to ensure their child’s needs are being met to the fullest extent. As an advocate, the CES Education Consultant will meet with parents before the meeting to discuss their goals for their child as well as their concerns and questions the parents have about the process. During the meeting, the Consultant will ensure parents’ questions and concerns are addressed. In addition, the Consultant will collaborate with the school team to ensure an appropriate support plan is developed.