• Specialized K-12 Reading Tutors

    CES Tutoring Group is operated by a group of highly qualified educators deeply committed to helping children improve their reading skills. At CES, we will assess your child to determine where and why they are struggling in reading. We will create a support plan and tutor your child to build reading success. We will also assist parents with interpreting their child's test results and understanding how in-school support is provided, which can be overwhelming to parents. CES’s Education Consultants are committed to helping parents make informed decisions through their consultation, evaluation and advocacy services.
  • How we support parents:

    parents Parents know their children best and we value your insight. We are committed to working with you directly, offering ongoing support and guidance.  Through analysis of the targeted assessments we will help you locate a tutor whose area of expertise matches your child’s academic needs.  We will work with the tutor to build a comprehensive support plan best suited for your child.  We welcome candid conversations regarding how to best meet the needs of your child and will advocate for your child within their school setting, if desired.

    How we support students:

    parents Love of school and the desire to do well are things that can quickly leave a struggling student.  At CES Tutoring Group, we will create a comprehensive support plan that will instill confidence and provide encouragement to your child.  We will pair your child with a tutor who is trained to meet their specific needs. Through ongoing collaboration between parent, student and tutor we will continually monitor the plan in place and revise it as needed.  We are committed to providing your child with security, support, and advancement.

    How we support educators:

    win win Because collaboration is essential to our mission, we will provide ongoing support from an experienced Reading Specialist.  We will help you devise a course of instruction that is tailor-made for your students, based on a collaborative analysis of assessments. You will gain professional experience to add to your resume and enhance your own tutoring business.